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I am an experienced family counsellor who provides family therapy for a wide range of issues. 

I work with families who feel:

  • That they are no longer a family unit
  • The Parents feel the pressure of working all the time
  • Children are filling their time with extra-curricula activities
  • Family members feel alone and disconnected
  • Parents feel like they have lost control of the children and don’t know how to work together in order to discipline them

Do any of the statements below sound familiar?


  • They always do what they want to do, they never do what we ask them
  • All I ask of them is to do the dishes
  • They don’t do what they are told
  • They are always on the computer, I don’t know what they do on there
  • He/She (the other parent) doesn’t back me up when I try to discipline the kids


  • They never let me do what I want to
  • We never talk
  • Mum/Dad is always at work
  • They always yell at us
  • We can never do anything right

Working in family therapy or family counselling can help you all:

  • Gain a greater understanding of what a family is
  • Learn how to make new decisions on making your family work as one unit again
  • Have a new appreciation for other family members
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively
  • We can work together to build the family you deserve

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