Meeting Great Therapists

Meeting Great Therapists

Importance of meeting therapists 

I love what I do and part of that is networking with other therapists. I like to find out what other therapists do and how they work, so I can refer clients to them. I want clients to have the best match with their therapist. 

I’m writing a series of articles on therapists I meet. One of them might be the right one for you.

Meeting Lisa

Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting an amazing therapist, her name is Lisa workPaul. She met me at my office. When she walked in I noticed she was confident, had a warm smile and a gentle way about her. She talked passionately about her work, she told me about some of her experiences of being a midwife and how this led to her becoming a psychotherapist/counsellor.  She has over 20 years experience in woman’s health, this showed through when she enthusiastically told me stories of how she likes to work with clients.


I sat with Lisa for 2 and a half hours and we just clicked. She is easy to talk to and I felt really relaxed with her. We’ve arranged to meet up again and hope to be running some workshops together in the future.


She’s Qualified

She’s a qualified Counsellor, Homeopath, Midwife and Calmbirth Practioner. She has so much knowledge and experience, it will take your breath away when you see her life skills and qualifications on her website.

She’s helped many couples through the maze of the maternal phase of life. While she was a midwife, she realised that mental health issues weren’t recognised nor were they supported through this phase.

Lisa wants to help mum’s be the best mum’s they can be.


Why You Should Work with Lisa

Lisa’s found that sometimes mum’s just need to

  • debrief about their birthing experience
  • work through long held grief or trauma
  • work through the anxiety or depression that sometimes surround pregnancy, birth
  • the issues that surround becoming a new parent


Lisa treats each client as an individual because no two people are alike. You might experience the same thing such as – a traumatic birth or has a horrible experience with a midwife, each person experiences this and processes it in different ways.


Mind/body work is tailored to suit a particular individual. This work is vitally important as both of these are connected and influence each other, so working with the mind means we need to work with the body as well. This is achieved in a calm, nurturing, safe, non-judgemental environment which Lisa provides.



If you’ve been through a traumatic birth, suffer from anxiety or depression, Lisa will be there for you. She provides a safe space for you to talk about whatever you need and of course, it will always be confidential.


Lisa has a loving, nurturing and relaxed manner.


If any of these issues resonate with you, I highly recommend that you call Lisa and make an appointment.


You can contact Lisa Paul on 0419 981 902


shoot her an email at

or check out her website at


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